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Royal Tint And Glass Is Family Owned and Operated Since 2007. We Offer Servicing Car Window TintingAuto GlassVehicle InspectionHigh Gloss 3M Ceramic Coating, Clear Bra, Home & Office Tinting In Houston And Surrounding Area.
At Royal Tint & Glass All Window Tint Or Ceramic Coating Services will Be Done By Owner Of Business With Over 20 Years Experience And Thousands Of Installations,  Also Trained At 3M Company To Provide You The Best Quality Of Service.
Car Window Tinting Is The Best Valuable Investment On Your Car For Long Term.
We All Know Houston Is One Of The Hottest City In Summer Time And Window Tint Can Helps:
1) Avoid Overheating: With CERAMIC Film Your Car's Interior Can Be 65% Cooler During Summer Time.
2) Protect Your Skin: Harmful UV Rays From Sun Can Cause Skin Cancer, The Skin Cancer Foundation Recommends Window Tint For This Reason: 
3) Enhanced Privacy: Automotive Tinting Protects Your Privacy And Contents Within A Car. What A Burglar Can't See, He Won't Steal.
4) Prevent Cracking & Fading: Harmful UV Rays And Heat Cause Car Upholstery To Crack And Fade. Window Tint Is Sun Screen For Your Car.
5) Accident Protection: In An Auto Accident, Window Tint Can Help Shattered Glass Hold Together And Protect Your Skin Injury.

(To See A Chart For Window Tinting Laws In Texas, Click On Link: